Cinta Lingkungan


(Love the Environment in Bahasa Indonesian), is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) on Gili Air, Lombok, Indonesia.

Its aim is to protect the island’s natural treasures and to create a sustainable way of development.


Gili Air is one of the three small islands (Gilis) just off the coast of North-west Lombok.  The Gilis are becoming an increasingly popular destination for tourists who want to experience the beauty of these

coral fringed islands.


The growing number of tourists and the subsequent development on Gili Air has led to increased pressure on both the island’s resources

and the marine life surrounding the island.


Cinta Lingkungan is a local initiative that initially started by cleaning up the island, the NGO organised the collection of garbage which was

paid for with a small fee from local business owners.


In 2012 Cinta Lingkungan created a working group of interested parties which will provide a common base for several initiatives (ongoing, new and planned) which aim to protect Gili Air and its inhabitants.


The main points of focus for the working group are:

·        Conservation: Reef restoration, mooring buoys, turtle conservation and research.

·        Waste products: Recycle, reduce, reuse.

·        Education: Improve facilities and teaching methods.

·        Health: Improve facilities (AED, oxygen kit, more medicines, larger clinic), give additional training for human health care and animal health care (focus on cats and horses)

·        Culture: Promote traditional sports, handicrafts etc











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